PRIESTHOOD AND LITURGY IN RAHNER (Eng) – Father Giovanni Cavalcoli OP

In order to grasp the Rahnerian doctrine about the priesthood and the liturgy, it is necessary to begin with his understanding of the relationship between the sacred and the profane, or more precisely, between grace and nature. For him the sacred is not added on to the profane from above—from heaven, the divine horizon—while remaining something distinct, but rather it is its very height and depths. It does not have the function of purifying and redeeming the profane, which is able to put up resistance, so that the sacred could be here and not there, right now and not before or after. No. For him the sacred, grace, the divine, is present always, everywhere, and in every man.

Certainly for Rahner the liturgy is the official, collective, external cult of the Church that finds its culmination in the celebration of the Mass. But he imagines that the Mass is nothing other than the regular empirical expression of a “liturgy of the universe” and a “Mass of the universe” that is the divine cult in a deeper and more radical sense and an expression of the transcendent supernatural experience of the anonymous Christian….(Here).

Author: Aurelio Porfiri

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