A word that has attached itself to the liturgy these days is the word “mystery.” This is all to the good, of course, but we must reflect within ourselves about what meaning we associate with the word. Does it mean what the thesaurus offers as a synonym: “unknown, unidentified, secret, furtive, cryptic, obscure, ambiguous”? I don’t think the theological meaning of mystery is to be found in any of those synonyms. What is the mystery of the liturgy?

Surely it is Christ. Christ is the mystery in the flesh, and the mystery of the liturgy is Christ’s presence. What he accomplished in his historical body he continues to unfold in his mystical body, the Church. From the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension pours forth a river of liturgy that spiritually irrigates our souls. To ask what mystery is going on in the liturgy is the same as asking what mystery was accomplished by Christ. Have we any clues?

We might turn to the book of Ephesians, because the mystery occupies Paul there. He says the Father has made known the mystery of his will (1:9); the mystery was made known to him by revelation…(here)

Author: Aurelio Porfiri

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