Priestly dignity, both in celebration and in the ordinary life of the clergy, succumbs disastrously as it gradually yields to secularism and the world makes its way into the sanctuary and the lifestyle of the sacred ministers. In one of his conferences on ecclesiastical duties (XI) Blessed Antonio Rosmini points out the pitfalls and their causes that threaten to cloak this noble virtue. His analyses are extremely timely and show us how far gone are the principles and behaviors of present ecclesial life from what they are from the current ecclesial life the principles and behaviors that were supposed to defend and ensure priestly dignity which is but the exterior mirror of the inward holiness.In the first part of the conference, this great thinker reflects upon the reasons for priestly dignity that finds its highest and truest motivation in holiness.  The priest must be holy…if by dignity we mean that that demeanor that is controlled, just and full of perseverance and modesty and reason, which is born and shines in the priest’s whole being and ministry when he is firmly rooted in God.  Who doesn’t see that the priestly dignity is a result of his holiness?… (Here)


Author: Aurelio Porfiri

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